When you got no one to turn to, you got the Contractors Alliance

Just $600/yr! Money back guarantee.

Most peer to peer networks like EO, charge as much as $10,000/ year. But with the Contractors Alliance, your investment works out to as little as $50/ month ($600/ year)!

Contracting is a tough game, you have challenges everyday, your friends and employees think you have it made but,  you are up at night, worried about how to make payroll, how to grow the company, how to get the job done plus the many other challenges entrepreneurs face every day…..alone. Until now….

“The Contractors Alliance” 

Confidential, non competing Peer to Peer  network of entrepreneur contractors just like you that share openly in a confidential setting just to help you!!!

  • Meet once a month on Zoom (90 minutes – 3 hours) 
  • Meeting agenda and topics that are timely and relevant. 
  • Expert speakers 
  • Experience share on topics we all face. 
  • Have your own personal Board of Directors guide you through the good and the bad. 
  • Access to educational tools, speaker presentations and mentors. 

I have been looking for such a  place my entire career”  Brad Cline – Cline Environmental.

“ Groups like this one have helped taken my business from 7 figures to 8 figures” Mark Myrowich – Mid Canada Hydroseeding and ECBVerdyol 

“ This is my tribe, they get me, they understand the pain and the opportunity of running your own erosion control business.” Joe Boehm – Green Cat Services

Who runs the group? CAN-IECA does…. They are a chapter of the IECA and an organization dedicated to growing and serving contractors in the erosion and sediment control industry.  Board members of this organization include contractors Chris Thompson of Maritime Hydroseed,  Mark Myrowich of Mid Canada Hydroseeding and ECBVerdyol and Harry Reinders of RM construction.  

CAN-IECA is a professionally managed association. 

Qualifications to Join –  

Ownership of 50% or more of the company. 

Sales Minimum of $250K  per year

3+ years in business