Get a headstart in your career by becoming an IECA member.

Let us be the bridge between you and your career.


Just some of the benefits a student receives are:

  • Opportunities to present research
  • Opportunity to be published in IECA’s publications
  • Meet leading professionals in your field of study and build a contact list
  • Subscription to IECA’s content-packed magazine
  • Access to thousands of articles
  • Earn a competitive advantage by understanding your field before you begin your career

IECA benefits students going into fields such as:

  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Environmental Project Manager
  • Landscape Architect
  • Contractor
  • Manufacturer
  • Mining
  • Professor/Teaching

Attending Environmental Connections in 2014 was an amazing experience; it opened my eyes to the range of professionals and expertise involved in erosion control and natural channel management. IECA is the professional organization I most highly recommend to students and friends interested in this industry.

Jenn Hill

As a student member of IECA my experience with the organization has been overwhelmingly positive. Attending both the international and regional conferences supported by IECA has allowed me to access and network with a vast group of erosion and sediment control and water resources professionals. This has been invaluable in helping me stay up-to-date on cutting edge ESC developments, and IECA’s workshops and webinars have been a tremendous resource when it comes to building my practical skill set as well.

Bill Trenouth

I have gained valuable experience at TRIECA 2015, 2016, and Environmental Connection 2016. Presenting my research as part of the poster sessions highlighted the importance of effectively communicate my work and helped me understand how research conducted at the university level fits into the real world. Interacting with many industry professionals and academics sparked interesting conversations that not only improved my academic performance, but also promoted personal growth.
Pavneet Brar