4th Annual IECA Canada National Conference

Monitoring and Managing Erosion and Sediment Controls: Keeping it Clear

📢 Continuing the tradition of success in our annual virtual conference series, the Canadian Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association (CAN-IECA) proudly presents the 4th Annual IECA Canada National Conference! As the sole nationwide conference dedicated to Erosion and Sediment Control in Canada, we are excited to invite you to our Virtual Conference on Sediment and Erosion Control in February 2025.

🔍What to Expect: Join us for an immersive one-day event featuring two engaging streams:

  • Advancements in Sediment and Erosion Control Monitoring Stream: Delve into the latest technological innovations, techniques, and communication methods for sediment and erosion control monitoring. Submit your abstracts focusing on groundbreaking approaches to enhance monitoring efficacy and communicate outcomes effectively.
  • Innovative Erosion Control Measures Stream: Explore cutting-edge approaches to erosion control, featuring new technologies, methods, and strategies. From the latest erosion control products to successful case studies of innovative projects, this stream promises insightful discussions and practical insights.

📝Call for Abstracts: Abstract submissions are now open! Highlight new technologies, techniques, and communication strategies in monitoring or showcase innovative erosion control solutions. Abstracts (max. 200 words) should outline your proposed presentation’s purpose, methods, results, and implications. Submit by September 2024 to be part of this enriching conference. 

***Please send your abstract to assma@canieca.org***

💻Virtual Experience: Our virtual platform ensures accessibility and flexibility for attendees nationwide. Engage in networking, earn Professional Development Hours (PDH), and participate in interactive discussions that advance the boundaries of sediment and erosion control knowledge.

📅  Save the date and mark your calendars! Join us in advancing the sediment and erosion control dialogue at the CAN-IECA Virtual Conference in February 2025. Together, let’s keep it clear!