Shadow Program Placement: Aquatech Dewatering Company
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Shadow Program Placement: Aquatech Dewatering Company

Meet Rachel. Her placement details were:


Employer: Aquatech Dewatering Company  (Cornerstone Member)
Theme: Environmental Monitoring and Water Treatment

8-9am: Introduction and Safety Training
10-12pm: Overview of current and previous jobs and experience related to water treatment and monitoring
1-5pm: Hands on experience with design, calculations and implementation of water treatment systems

“The specific benefits this placement provided me with were contacts at an environmental company, an understanding of filtration & dewatering systems and the opportunity to review work-related documents… Reviewing these documents alongside a professional contributed to a deeper understanding of the concepts presented and how they are applied throughout the industry.”

“I was able to have one-on-one conversations with professionals in the environmental field”