New University Partners: UofBC and Fleming College!
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New University Partners: UofBC and Fleming College!

We are very excited to announce that University of British Columbia and Fleming College are both official University Partners of the Canadian Chapter of IECA!

We are very excited to working closely with these schools as well as educating and providing future industry professionals with opportunities to get involved and network. University Partners from 2016 include Seneca College, Ryerson University, University of Guelph, as well as University of Toronto.

These partnerships enhance student membership by connecting schools directly to the Canadian Chapter of IECA, resulting in students getting directly involved in their future industry!

Visit for more information.

** The University Partnership program’s purpose is to introduce young professionals to our association and provide a means for them to interact in an educational environment with industry professionals who make up IECA membership as well as strengthen IECA education with the inclusion of university research.