New Guidance Standard for Installation and Maintenance of ESC Measures
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New Guidance Standard for Installation and Maintenance of ESC Measures

A new Canadian standard, CSA W208, Erosion and Sediment Control Installation and Maintenance is
now available. The standard contains:
• Installation and maintenance best practices;
• Guidance on following product-specific manufacturer instructions;
• An ESC measure quick reference guide – organized by work site location and intended
functionality – for nearly 30 commonly used ESC measures; and
• Installation and maintenance steps for each ESC measure that are centered on conformity with
the requirements outlined in the users’ site-specific ESC plan.
The objectives of CSA W208 are:
• Bringing greater consistency to ESC measure installation and maintenance in a way that
supports successful application and functionality, and that is compatible with individual
manufacturer recommendations, local laws and other codes of practice;
• Promoting open lines of communication amongst the ESC installer, regulatory authority, and the
ESCP designer during installation and maintenance phases, as site conditions change and
adaptive management is often needed; and
• Focusing user attention on the critical installation and maintenance steps outlined by the
designer in the ESCP, to help avoid mistakes and demonstrate compliance with the Plan and
other regulatory requirements.
For more information about the standard, please contact Brian Zupancic:

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