IECA Canada | GEMS Cornerstone Member Biography
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C  O  R  N  E  R  S  T  O  N  E      M  E  M  B  E  R      P  R  O  F  I  L  E

Groundwater Environmental Management Services Inc.

Environmental Monitoring and Consulting


Environmental Monitoring


Erosion and Sediment Control

Emergency Response

Main Location:

331 Rodinea Road

Maple, Ontario L6A 4P5

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Additional Locations

2505 Lasalle Blvd
Sudbury, ON
P3A 4R7

(613) 822-1131

2510 Delzotto Ave
Ottawa, ON
K1T 3V7

(705) 566-4363


GEMS is the Environmental Specialist for the Construction Industry. We employ pro-active methodologies in design, permit applications and monitoring related to: erosion and sedimentation control; creek or wetland mitigation; groundwater control (dewatering); and all construction related activities in sensitive areas at all stages of a project. GEMS specializes in providing accelerated services and environmental emergency response.

GEMS works to be a provider of environmental solutions to all of our clients. We are the leaders in innovation, and responsiveness. We bridge the gap between the world of construction and development and the environmental agencies that govern them.


GEMS understands that our reputation is only as strong as our service. Honest communication, integrity, trust and professionalism are some of the most important aspects that govern us in building lasting relationships with our clients, guiding our service-oriented approach.  Our clients tell us that they appreciate our local presence and perspective, our unique solutions catered to their projects, our work ethic and quality of work, and our ability to adapt quickly to changing situations.

  • Project Product & Service Procurement
  • Client Representation for Environmental Violations
  • Environmental Permits
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Staff Training
  • Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Environmental Agency Liaison
  • Geo-Environmental Emergency Response Services
  • Site Dewatering Feasibility Study, Permitting, Monitoring & Agency Reporting
  • Re-naturalization Design (Watercourses, Ponds, Wetlands, Pits…)