Manitoba Floodway Case Study
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Manitoba Floodway Case Study

An Emerald Member Case Study

Who: Erosion Control Blanket

When: 2010

Where: Manitoba


Before ConstructionThe Manitoba Floodway expansion is one of the largest earth moving projects in Canada. With over 30 million cubic meters (39 million cubic yard) of soil excavated over the 40 kilometers (24.8 miles) of channel, this project encountered many unique challenges in terms of vegetation establishment.


On a 2 kilometer (1.24 mile) stretch of the floodway near Hwy #59 is a gravel/clay deposit that has very little to no topsoil or organics. This till material is very erodible and traditional seeding methods have not work in this area.



The Manitoba Floodway authority was considering importing topsoil to cover this area with something to get vegetation established and to stop erosion of the slopes.

It was decided to do a trial of the Biotic Earth Black system on a 1 Ha (2.49 acre) area.

Mid Canada Hydroseeding applied 3933kg/Ha (3,500 lbs/acre) Biotic Earth Black ,175 kg/Ha (154 lbs/A) seed, water and fertilizer with their hydroseeder and then applied S32 Double netted straw blanket from The application was applied in October 2009.


After a long cold winter and an exceptionally rainy spring the results were very satisfying for the Floodway Authority and Mr. Bill Barnes. The area has vegetated extremely well with very little to no erosion occurring on the site. The combination of the S32 Erosion Control Blanket along with the growing medium of the Verdyol Biotic Earth Black provided the right protection and the correct amount of organics and soil amendments to get the vegetation established.

You can see vegetation establishing very well in June 2010 in the picture below.








More Information:

Erosion Control Blanket is an Emerald Member of IECA’s Canadian Chapter.