Research Papers
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Research Papers

Erosion and Sediment Control

Integrative neural networks models for stream assessment in restoration projects

Journal of Hydrology

Ed Gazendam, Bahram Gharabaghi, Josef D. Ackerman, Hugh Whiteley. (2016).

Event-Based Total Suspended Sediment Particle Size Distribution

Journal of Hydrology

Thompson, J., Sattar, A., Gharabaghi, B., & Warner, R. (2016).

Event-based design tool for construction site erosion and sediment controls

Journal of Hydrology

Trenouth, W. & Gharabaghi, B. (2015)


Event-Based Soil Loss Models for Construction Sites

Journal of Hydrology

Trenouth, W. & Gharabaghi, B. (2015)

Better management of construction sites to protect inland waters

Inland Waters

Trenouth, W., Gharabaghi, B., Bradford, A., & MacMillan, G. (2013)

Evaluation of sediment control pond performance at construction sites in the Greater Toronto Area

Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering

Gharabaghi, B., Fata, A., Seters, T. V., Rudra, R. P., MacMillan, G., Smith D, Li JY, Bradford A, and Tesa G (2006)