CSA W202 ESC Inspection and Monitoring Posted for Public Review
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CSA W202 ESC Inspection and Monitoring Posted for Public Review

CSA Group is pleased to announce that standard CSA/W202, Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection and Monitoring is now posted for Public Review. 
CSA/W202 is available at: https://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/2982until July 2,2018.
Important notes
·         All comments must be formally submitted through the CSA Draft Review site (as per the above link) by midnight Eastern Time on the closing date. 
·         Comments will not be accepted through other formats (e.g., emails, PDF comment bubbles, Word file markups) or after the public review closing date. 
·         Anyone wishing to submit comments must register for a free account on the CSA Draft Review site. 
·         Although editorial comments are welcome, please do not submit comments about spacing or formatting, as this will get a comprehensive review once the document is updated by CSA Group’s editing and publication teams.
Feel free to share this notice within your networks. Should you experience any issues reading the draft, submitting comments, or have any general questions, please let me know. 
Brian Zupancic
Project Manager, Natural Resources

CSA Group