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About Us

About IECA’s Canadian Chapter

The International Erosion Control Association (IECA) has been the largest member-based association for erosion control since 1972. Today, IECA is the leading association for erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and stream restoration, and provides education, resources, and networking to the industry, government, and academia.

The Canadian Chapter is one of IECA’s many regional chapters, and serves as Canada’s one essential source for environmental education and resources. 

About IECA

What is IECA?

The International Erosion Control Association (IECA) is a non-profit, member organization that provides education, resource information and business opportunities for professionals in the erosion and sediment control industry.

IECA’s 2,500 members represent over 30 countries and 22 fields of professional practice. Its’ diverse membership supplies a unique network of specialists who are capable of solving a broad range of problems caused by soil erosion and its by-product—sediment.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Canadian Chapter aims to be a training and education resource to all Canadian sectors of the industry, as well as to bring professionals together to solve problems and drive standardization.

Our Mission: To foster natural heritage resilience through education and training in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and stream protection and restoration.

Our Vision: To be the one stop resource and voice for people who share a common interest in erosion and sediment control. stormwater management, and stream protection and restoration.

What the Canadian Chapter Offers You

What does the Canadian Chapter Offer You

We’ve seen the demand and need for a local Canadian Chapter presence grow over the years. Canada’s environmental industry is competitive and constantly evolving.

We’ve listened to your feedback and have seen the need for local presence and content relevant to Canada. IECA is turning over a new maple leaf and bringing added value to your membership through focusing on local solutions and education.

IECA Canada pulls both international and local resources, and streamlines them in the Canadian industry so that we can apply it to our industry.  This means showcasing and applying information to local case studies with an understanding of Canadian regulations and solutions that work for us.

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